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Rydwells is able to provide rubbish clearance and carpet cleaning services to all of its customers. We are able to clear most types of rubbish from any type of property including houses, flats, garages, garden sheds, roof tops, alley ways etc.

Below is a summary of the work we carry out:

Arrange collection of keys from designated officer/meet officer on site.
Agree work programme times.
Carry out relevant risk assessments.
Clear, remove and convey to an approved and licensed waste transfer station all rubbish, unwanted items of furniture, appliances etc from the site.
Clean down any work surfaces, skirting boards, doors etc.
Vacuum/sweep all floors and floor coverings as necessary.
Thoroughly clean all carpets using a professional carpet cleaning machine if required.
Inspect for insect and/or rodent infestations and carry-out initial treatment to eradicate.
Recommend/carry-out any additional pest control work if necessary.
Spray through property using a suitable air freshening substance and leave in a good clean condition upon completion.
Return keys to designated officer/meet officer on site to agree completion of works.

All rubbish clearances will be priced on an individual basis

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